Maybe a little crazy, but ...     

It all started with a documentary about the Faroe Islands in the wintertime. We switched off our TV in Germany, being dead certain: We have to go to the Faroe Islands, right away. On the internet, we found out about a holidayhome on Eysturoy. We called the owner, booked our flights an hopped on a plane three days later. This incident took place in January 2013. And this is what the Faroe Islands looked like when we arrived. 

... best decision we ever made 

Same year in April, we traveled to the Faroes again, in order to buy a summerhouse. As for ourselves, one week had been enough – my husband Francesco and I had deeply fallen in love with the islands. And it seemed that the islands wanted us to become a part of them, too. We didn't only find the perfect house, the perfect spot –  we found it only a few houses down from our January-holidayhome. Same village, same splendid view. I'm sure you agree.

Lots to discover ... 

The Faroe Islands: Incredible nature, great people. Let me take you around the islands. My blog is a collection of pictures and stories, a glittering mosaic made out of everything that's around me in the Faroe Islands – nature, the Faroese, knitting, hiking, food, sheep, music, arts, sunsets and oddities of daily life. Written by an insider-outsider. Anja, native Berliner, journalist and writer. German philology, political science and theater studies (Magister Artium). Axel Springer School of Journalism. Anja, commuting between Germany and the Faroe Islands – my second home. 


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